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Difference between capacitive & IR touch screen

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Update time : 2019-12-11 00:00:00

Nowadays more and more advertising displays/digital signages are used in commercial promotion of products, service, brand, etc.. The colorful picture and vivid video always attracting people’s eyes and push them to do more consumption. There are different types of advertising display. There are indoor and outdoor  type, floor standing, hanging or wall mounted type, touch interactive screen and non touch screen. Guangzhou Kinouwell is the manufacturer of advertising display, and produce different types of display screen. You can turn to the website for more detail information.

Today I would like to discuss about the touch interactive screen. For the touch screen, now there are 2 types in the market, used in different application. One is capacitive touch screen, the other is IR(Infrared) touch screen.

You often hear these 2 kinds of screen, then what is the difference between these 2 types?

IR(Infrared touch screen)
Infrared technology touch screen consists of infrared emitting and receiving sensing elements mounted on the outer frame of the touch screen. On the surface of the screen, an infrared detection network is formed. Any touch object can change the infrared on the touch point to achieve touch screen operation. The implementation principle of infrared touch screen is similar to surface acoustic wave touch. It uses infrared transmitting and receiving sensing elements. These elements form an infrared detection network on the screen surface. Touching objects (such as fingers) can change the infrared rays of an electric shock, which is then converted into the coordinate position of the touch to achieve the response of the operation. On an infrared touch screen, a circuit board device arranged on four sides of the screen includes an infrared transmitting tube and an infrared receiving tube, correspondingly forming a horizontally and vertically crossed infrared matrix. 

Capacitive touch screen
Capacitive touch screen is a layer of transparent special metal conductive material on the glass surface. When a finger touches the metal layer, the capacitance of the contact changes, causing the frequency of the oscillator connected to it to change. By measuring the frequency change, you can determine the touch position to obtain information. Capacitance changes with temperature, humidity, or ground conditions, so its stability is poor and drift tends to occur. The double glass of the capacitive touch screen not only protects the conductors and sensors, but also effectively prevents external environmental factors from affecting the touch screen. Even if the screen is stained with dirt, dust or oil, the capacitive touch screen can still accurately calculate the touch position.

Generally speaking, the difference between them is that the infrared touch screen has grooves and is afraid of strong light. Capacitive screen all-in-one is more beautiful, more beautiful, thinner, and is flat. 

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