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Outdoor LCD display

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As we know, the indoor LCD display is very popular in commercial building, shops, plazas. The colorful picture and vivid video always attracting people’s eyes and push them to do more consumption, and convey message. Different from indoor LCD display which does not have high requirement for the environment, for outdoor LCD display, it is more complicated and involves higher technology, it has to consider below points working temperature, installation place( near sea or not), viewed under strong light, water, dust proof,etc.

Now in the market, the standard and cost effective outdoor LCD is galvanized steel plate and outdoor painting powder , and it is air cool temperature control system with working temperature﹣15℃--+45℃. This can be used in most cases.

Characteristic of Kinouwell outdoor LCD display:
1 . Structure
Enclosure design: the enclosure is made of 1.2 or 1.5mm galvanized sheet, sprayed with outdoor powder, outdoor  anti corrosion for more than 7 years.

Waterproof design: The waterproof structure of the housing structure design and the waterproof maze of the air inlet and outlet holes meet the IP55 protection level.

Dust-proof design: Special dust-proof filter (medium and high-efficiency dust-proof filter) is designed for the air inlet and outlet, which can filter the dust in the air and prevent mosquitoes from entering the machine.

High transparent glass: The protective glass in front of the whole screen uses 6mm toughened glass with a light transmittance of ≥97%.

Maintenance: The whole machine adopts the front door opening and the air pressure support bar to open the door, which can facilitate the maintenance of the internal display, glass, heat dissipation components and electronic parts; the whole machine adopts a modular design, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.

Anti-theft design: The base / hanger adopts an internal lock design to prevent the machine and equipment from being removed by screws.

Mounting frame: The mounting pendant of the whole machine is designed for fixing holes for fixing on the wall or other objects.

2 . Display
2.1 Adopts outdoor high-brightness LCD screen, the brightness reaches 1500 nit, visible under strong light, and the design life is 50000 hours.

2.2 High definition image quality, screen resolution: 1920 * 1080.

2.3 High dynamic contrast, clearer picture, viewing angle 178 °.

2.4 Intelligent photosensitive system, which can automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the environment, users can watch the program clearly / comfortably at different times, protecting the eyes.

2.5 Intelligent color calibration, automatic contrast color calibration or manual fine-tuning for perfect picture.

3 . Intelligent temperature control system 
3.1 Adopt intelligent direct ventilation (forced air cooling) heat dissipation system, professional and special heat dissipation design.

3.2 Independently developed intelligent temperature control system control box, which can intelligently adjust the internal air and external air of the whole machine according to the internal temperature of the advertising machine. All external wind enters the filter first, and the wind is divided into two front and rear air duct cycles. Ensure that the internal temperature is 5-8 degrees higher than the external temperature.

3.3 Equipped with a high-temperature automatic power-off protection function. When the product's internal temperature is abnormal due to external factors or internal reasons and exceeds a reasonable working range, the control system will protect the main parts such as the display screen from power-off. Protective display and main spare parts.

Sea side special requirement
If the machine is installed at place near to sea of which the environment is corrosive, then we need to make some material change, change from galvanized to stainless steel material. 

And the air cooled temperature control system need to be changed to air conditioner temperature control system.
For air cooled system, it absorbs wind from outside for cooling. Obviously it is not suitable for sea side, in which the air is salty which will make machine inside parts corrosive.

For places with extreme low and high temperature
For those places, in winter, it is very cold, and lower than﹣15℃, we can add heater inside. For summer higher than +45℃, we need to install air conditioner for cooling.

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