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Outdoor Screen Display

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The whole machine adopts highly integrated modular and standardized design. 
The working status is clear and rapid maintenance can be achieved.

◆ Long service life, 7 * 24 hours uninterrupted work, can reach more than 50,000 hours.
◆ IP65 waterproof , using all outdoor metal baking paint, moisture-proof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-oxidation.
◆ High-brightness industrial LED backlight, brightness up to 2000cd / ㎡, plus 6MM high-transmission explosion-proof tempered glass, the image is clearly visible under strong light.
◆ Using intelligent and precise temperature control system, it can not only dissipate heat and energy but also not affect the display .
◆ Automatic ambient light sense, high temperature protection, lightning protection, leakage protection, over-voltage overload and waterproof anti-theft protection.
◆ Product Specifications Supports 1920 * 1080 high-definition video decoding, and supports multiple split-screen program playback and RSS, PDF, slide show, TXT letter files, etc., to show you the charm of multimedia digital advertising.

TV feature
Cable TV viewing function
USB multimedia file playback function
Android 6.0 embedded system

Touch feature
Support 10 point computer touch operation.
Support image zoom in, zoom out, rotation.
Support touch on each signal source channel 

Other features

Fan cooling
Adopt intelligent straight ventilation and cooling system, and special air duct heat dissipation design

Dustproof design
The air inlet and outlet are specially designed with dust-proof filter to filter dust in the air and prevent mosquitoes from entering the machine.

Anti-theft design
The base is designed with an internal lock to prevent the screws from moving from the outside and move the machine to prevent theft.

Adopt Android dual-core motherboard to support remote and local program management.
Adopt industrial grade switching power supply, stable and long life.
It has protection configuration such as leakage and lightning protection.
Configure the timer, you can set the timer to be turned on and off by day, week and month.
Configure over-temperature protection. When the internal temperature is higher than 65°C, the display will be turned off and the cooling system will run normally.



Panel parameters

screen features

 LCD panel

screen size

1428 *804mm

screen ratio


Backlight type








Viewing angle

178°(H) / 178°(V)

Service life

60000 Hours









Other component parameters


6mm AR laminated glass


99.99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays

More than 50% of solar radiation

Light transmittance is over 97%

Reflectance is less than 3%

The total heat insulation rate of sunlight is over 50%

Voltage 24V

Temperature controlled cooling fan

Operating voltage 20.4-27.6V

Starting voltage 12V

Average speed 2400 rpm min speed 2160 rpm

Average current 0.26A max current 0.312

Access to power average 3.12 max 3.74

Average airflow 74 min airflow 66.6

Average static pressure 2.0 static pressure 1.8

Noise 33db

Automatically adjust fan speed based on operating temperature


1.5mm galvanized steel plate + zinc bottom powder + outdoor powder

Photosensitive probe

Automatic Photosensitive Probe – Automatically recognizes the surrounding environment to adjust the screen brightness

Lightning arrester

Prevent lightning strikes

Time switch

Time switch can be set in different time slots

power input

AC 108-115V   AC 208-240V


Fan power supply

24V 150w

Screen display and backlight power supply

24V+12V 200-400W

Operating temperature

-20°C to +50°C  

Working environment


storage temperature

-20°C to 60°C

Working humidity

5% to 100%

Storage humidity

5% to 100%

Installation method


Exterior color

Gray + black

shell material

Galvanized steel plate + spray outdoor powder

Gross weight


Maximum power consumption


Types of  touch

Nano touch

Touch mode


Touch effective recognition


Touch accuracy


Touch points

10 pints

 First response time

《10 millisecond

eNumber of touches


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